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Buy the Sketchorialist zine for only $10AUD + postage. if you send me a pic of you ( i might be able to do a cool portrait as a bonus!

I made this little book last year for my exhibition, and it includes a lovely introduction by my dear friend Annika. It is a 24-page, full colour, A5 booklet containing a selection of the characters from this blog.

And YAY this is my 100th post.


Sorry for the radio silence! To update, I had an exhibition in October last year at Monday Week Gallery. You can buy some of my pieces on their website.

There’s also zines which I will make available on here soon. 

Since then I haven’t been drawing much. Just enjoying the summer and thinking about new projects. This piece was drawn for Miso in exchange for a tattoo! It’s a portrait of her boyfriend Ghost Patrol. 

Melbourne, March 2013

Footscray Dad. The fine art of balancing a kid and some shopping. I do not envy him.

Melbourne, October 2013

You’d think in this modern age, we could make backpacks a bit smaller for the kids. Looks like she’s carrying a house on her back.

Melbourne, September 2013

Gallery babes.

Melbourne, September 2013

Tim is cool. He wears his sunglasses at night (and a cap which I got into trouble for trying to bend. Me = not cool).

Melbourne, some months ago. 2013

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a shitty Samsung phone must be in want of a wife.

(the orange thing is a half eaten ice-cream)

Steve, Melbourne, August 2013


I was on holiday recently, and came back to this wonderful specimen waiting for me at the post office. 

The Sketchorialist’s first ever guest post comes from the comic artist/writer extraordinaire, Pat Grant!  ’Blue’ is an absolute must-read. Check it out here. (Pat has a great way with words… he once described a dish at yum-cha as “slippery pillows”… I would never have thought of that.)

This picture makes me think I need to go to Sydney more often and hang out in Marrickville just for the old dudes.

July, 2013.

This is Will. He turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. He really appreciated this portrait of him looking about 12 and slightly pissed off. Happy Birthday Will! x

Melbourne, June 2013

I met Miriam probably about a month ago now. I wandered into her “pop-up” shop above a hairdressers containing a mish-mash of clothes and trinkets from a recent trip to Japan. We got talking. She seemed to be going through some kind of “Miriam renaissance”. She used to run a fashion label I think, then in her 60s she gave up the daily grind, and decided to spend her time travelling the world (on her own!), meeting people, and buying clothes to sell back here. “It’s never too late to start something” she said. What a sweetheart.

Melbourne, April 2013