The Sketchorialist


THIS IS THE END! After two years, and increasingly larger gaps between posts, I have decided it is time to finish up with this blog and start new, fresh projects. As a final post it seemed only fitting to draw a slightly creepy portrait of myself since I’ve been spying on other people for so long without them knowing… 

Thanks you for all your support and kind words over the years. I will post a link here to my new blog/website when it happens. 

Tessa xx

This is from a photo of a photo of my friend Jesse. Winking in DA CLUB.

My pal Chris. He likes to look concerned, bemused and angry at the same time.

Between Flinders and Richmond. It’s hard NOT to stare at red tresses like these.

Melbourne, May 2014



Buy the Sketchorialist zine for only $10AUD + postage. if you send me a pic of you ( i might be able to do a cool portrait as a bonus!

I made this little book last year for my exhibition, and it includes a lovely introduction by my dear friend Annika. It is a 24-page, full colour, A5 booklet containing a selection of the characters from this blog.

And YAY this is my 100th post.


Sorry for the radio silence! To update, I had an exhibition in October last year at Monday Week Gallery. You can buy some of my pieces on their website.

There’s also zines which I will make available on here soon. 

Since then I haven’t been drawing much. Just enjoying the summer and thinking about new projects. This piece was drawn for Miso in exchange for a tattoo! It’s a portrait of her boyfriend Ghost Patrol. 

Melbourne, March 2013

Footscray Dad. The fine art of balancing a kid and some shopping. I do not envy him.

Melbourne, October 2013

You’d think in this modern age, we could make backpacks a bit smaller for the kids. Looks like she’s carrying a house on her back.

Melbourne, September 2013

Gallery babes.

Melbourne, September 2013

Tim is cool. He wears his sunglasses at night (and a cap which I got into trouble for trying to bend. Me = not cool).

Melbourne, some months ago. 2013